Aragvi Restaurant

Ukraine, Lviv oblast, Lviv, 161a Ivana Franka str.

Updated: March 22, 2019
Aragvi restaurant in Lviv - the best traditions of Caucasian hospitality!

Aragvi restaurant is a unique Lviv establishment, which introduces a unique world of the Caucasus. It offers original interior, delicious food, quality service, typical music, unrivaled atmosphere and good mood.
Interior of Aragvi is a mix of modern solutions and classic authentic items. Nothing unnecessary, every detail has its specific place and is designed to create cosiness for every visitor.There are many images of mountainous landscapes, warm bright colors and natural materials. Incidentally, Aragvi is the name of one of the mountain rivers of eastern Georgia. New cozy VIP-hall for 10 people is a great place to relax with your closest friends.

Cuisine of the restaurant includes tasty European and Caucasian dishes that you can enjoy at the banquet, romantic dinner or business meeting. Aragvi specialties (lamb dishes, 5 types of khachapuri, 4 types of kebab, chanakhy) will impress you and taste great; and beverages (Aragvi homemade wine, chacha, matsoni) will become an unsurpassed complement to well spent time.

So welcome to unsurpassed world of rest in Aragvi restaurant!

Celebrate the New Year here like at home!
Aragvi restaurant offers a New Year’s Menu for 4 persons!
Assorted vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, greenery);
Assorted fish (smoked salmon, marinated salmon, fish oil, olives, lemon);
Assorted Meat (ham, chopped sausage, chicken roll, boiled tongue, shponder);
Assorted cheese (suluguni, smoked suluguni, cheese, feta, olives, herbs);
Pickles (pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, kryzhavka, pepper, pickled apples, pickled garlic).
Nest with caviar
Thai Beef Salad
Kurgan Salad
Ajar Salad
Eggplants with walnuts
Hot Appetizers
Fried squids with apples
Fried mushrooms with garlic
Main dishes
Skewers to choose (beef, pork)
Grill potatoes
- Tkemali Sauce
- Adjika Sauce
- Satsybeli Sauce
Assorted fruit
Honey Pie with nuts
Champagne 1 bottle
Vodka 1 bottle
Wine 1 bottle
Mineral water 2 bottles
Juice 2L

Guests are also provided with musical entertainment and disco!
Price 600 UAH / person


3D-Tour 5 panorams


Opening Hours
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Payment Accepted Cash, By Bank Transfer In Advance , Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron


serves сuisine European cuisine, Caucasian cuisine

grill menu, list of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, tea list
Roominess 140
serves сuisine Georgian cuisine, European cuisine
Signature Dishes and Drinks lamb dishes, 5 types of khachapuri, 4 types of kebabs, chanakhy
menu also contains vegetarian menu, grill menu, hunting menu, lenten menu, beer menu, fish menu, wine card, khinkali
Table reservation
grill menu, list of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, tea list
Event banquet facilities
up to 90 persons from 250 UAH per person (in banquet hall) from 150 UAH - in other halls
largest banquet (persons) 70
minimum budget for 1 person to banquet 450 UAH
Price extra hour service 300 UAH
percent prepayment 50
budget includes alcohol

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types of Internet Connection Wi-Fi

Aragvi Restaurant Aragvi Restaurant

+38 (067) 67 80 888